HC Molbech

Folk & classical musician


Recorder, pibes, whistles, flutes, shawm, lur
As an instumentalist, the recorder and all similar woodwinds are HC’s forté. He started playing woodwinds at a very early age and had individual education for the recorder all through the school years, and also a few years of playing clarinet, piano and other instruments. He has played the recorder in several classical ensembles and both the recorder and a lot of different woodwinds in folk bands.

Sample music // HC playing the recorder in acoustic songs:

Sample music // HC playing the recorder in a suite of renaissance dances:

Sample music // HC playing the gemshorn in a Viking folk song:


First tenor / classical & folk / solist & lead vocalist
HC’s first job as a musician was as a tenor in the practice choir at the Royal Academy of Music during his studies. Since then he has had a long career as a singer and classical solist in chamber choirs and church choirs. Besides the many years of training in the various classical choirs, he has received vocalist and singing education by Jette Rosendal, classical soprano.

Sample music // HC singing lead classical tenor:

Sample music // HC playing the recorder and singing the lead in a sephardic folk song:


Frame drum, landsknecht drum, tabor drum, bells
HCs career as a percussionist began when he started playing medieval folk music with the band Lurpakket in 2006. It started with the davul and various medieval drums and bells, but since the forming of the band Almune in 2015, he has focused especially on the frame drum. But when a louder sound of the drum is needed, the landsknecht drum does the trick.

Sample music // HC playing the frame drum in a Viking/Neopagan song:

Sample music // HC playing the frame drum in a medieval song:

Current bands & projects


JOTUNGER : My newest project is where I compose my own music with my fellow composer Christine Kammerer (singer, lyre player, pianist).

We create songs and tales inspired by folklore and an animistic view of the world, finding inspiration in nature as well as in books on Danish/Nordic folklore. That means packing a bag, going deep into the forest and spending several hours among the trees; sitting on an empty beach letting the sound of the waves guide our voices and instruments; or walking in the hills (yes, we do have hills in Denmark), enjoying the view and talking to the birds and animals, we meet.

All we have to do is listen. The songs and wisdom are out there, waiting to be gathered. Longing to be told. Songs that transcend time and space.

Band sites: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook

Jotunger Vikings. Photo: Andreas Støckel Strøe
HC Molbech and Chrisitine Kammerer playing The Spirit of Gallows Hill

ALMUNE // Medieval and Nordic Folk

ALMUNE : I started playing with Troels and Molly – the two musicians to the left of me in the picture – in the medieval band Lurpakket in 2006. When that band split up, we continued playing for a couple of years as a trio. But it really kicked off again in 2015 when we started playing with Christian and formed the new medieval folk band Almune. Since then we have released two full albums and have played a host of concerts and been part of a lot of different projects, including TV productions.

HC: Vocals, recorder, frame drum, landsknecht drum, percussion
Band sites: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / YouTube
Webpage: Almune.dk

Musicantiga // Renaissance music

MUSICANTIGA : The musicians playing in the two bands Almune and Götterfunken have played together in several diffent music projects over the years. The name Musicantiga has become the band name, we often use whenever we put a band together with a mix of different musicians, including musicians from other bands. But since Almune & Götterfunken joined forces and released the album “Sommerfugl” in 2018, the name Musicantiga has been synonymous with that constellation of musicians playing renaissance music.

HC: Tenor solist, recorder
Band sites: Bandcamp / Facebook
Webpage : Musicantiga.dk

AULOS // Booking

AULOS : I started my own company in 2004. In the beginning I did a lot of graphic design, layout and web site management for both the private and public sector. Now I primarily work with booking and band management for my own bands, and tasks like sound production in my home studio, music distribution & promotion and IT related jobs, including web and graphic design for musicians.

Webpage: Aulos.dk

HC Molbech playing the Landsknecht Drum at a concert with Almune

References / previous projects

Collaboration projects / studio musician / technician
DR – Denmark’s National Radio / TV (music for tv productions)
The University Extension Aarhus (sound technician for events)
Pigeon’s Test Flight – Pop/rock (album production and sound technician for concerts)
Christine Kammerer – Singer/songwriter (graphic design and distribution/promo-consulting)
Elevatorfører – Acid rock band (vocals and recorder on LP “Jeg er kommet for at slå tiden ihjel”)
James Jefferys – Singer/songwriter (woodwinds on several albums)
Kresten Osgood – Jazz musician (vocalist on LP “Sound”)
Hammel/Gjerlev Church Choirs (song arrangements for choir)
Horsens Deanery (reconstruction of a local hymn)
Nordic Animism (music composition and performance for “Raven Brings Runes”)

Classical concert choirs
Aarhus Baroque Choir
CantiAros Aarhus
The Catholic Church of Our Lady’s Chamber Choir Aarhus
Aarhus St. Paul’s Concert Choir
Cæciliekoret Aarhus
NOTA Choir Aarhus
Dorimus Chamber Choir Aalborg
Royal Academy of Music Aalborg

Church choirs
Skjoldhøjkirken Aarhus
Møllevangskirken Aarhus
Skt. Pauls Kirke Aarhus
Christianskirken Aarhus
Frederikskirken Aarhus

Bands and ensembles
Lurpakket – Medieveal and Viking folk
Loah – Acoustic Powerpop
Den Latinske Hær – 19th Century Student Song Choir
Ensemble Nicolaus – Early Music ensemble
Vestjysk Træblæserensemble – Classical orchestra

Photo: Helle Paladino
Photo: Helle Paladino
Photo: Andreas Støckel Strøe